Why should I switch to natural cleaning products?

There are so many reasons to join the natural cleaning revolution. Plant-based cleaners can be safer for your family and gentler on the environment than conventional products.

I always scrub my fresh produce under tap water. Why would I need to use Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean?

Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean helps to loosen dirt, oils, wax coatings and surface pesticides, many of which are water-resistant. When crops are treated, they are sprayed with chemicals designed to resist rain. Otherwise, they would just wash right off. A gentle rinse from your tap water is unlikely to power through that stuff. Do your best to get it off and you will be doing the best you can for you and your family. Also, clean produce just tastes better.

Does Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean leave behind an aftertaste?

No. A good, thorough rinse under tap water should remove both the scent any any taste. Be sure to read the directions and rinse with water.

What does the USDA Organic seal mean on the Rebel Green laundry detergent line?

It means that the ingredients in our laundry detergent meet government standards set for agricultural products grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMO ingredients.

Why does Rebel Green laundry detergent seem thinner or more watery than other laundry detergents?

Our detergent has a low-to-no sudsing formula by design. We do not use artificialthickeners found in many conventional detergents. The bubbles and slow pour you getin other laundry detergents were designed at a fancy marketing meeting to make you feel better about your detergent, but they don’t actually improve the product’s cleaning performance. We choose not to mess with perception at the risk of losing authenticity. Try it for a few loads and see what you think. We know you will love it!

Why isn’t there more scent on my clothes when they come out of the wash?

Trust us – you don’t want any detergent residue mixing with your sweat, body oils, dirt and day-to-day laundry issues. When clothes start to smell less than fresh, it’s frequently caused by the combination of laundry detergent residue and body odors.Yes, it’s important to have a light fresh scent, but trust us when we say we give you just the right amount. Less is more, as they say.

What are some of the benefits of Rebel Green Tree Free paper products?

We thought of 6 reasons why it’s a good idea to go Tree Free.

Are Rebel Green products safe for septic systems?


Is Rebel Green Fresh & Clean Hand Soap antibacterial?


What plant-based surfactant does Rebel Green use?

Surfactants are compounds that remove dirt, grease, oil and the smells from things like yoga and what you ate in the middle of the night while you should have been sleeping. They basically bind with and absorb these substances on your clothing in between the layers of oil and water. Surfactants help break down, suspend or modify them so they can more easily be rinsed away with water. Ourssurfactants are typically derived from non-GMO corn and coconut..

Why switch to sulfate-free products?

Sulfates are basically really aggressive detergents made of sulfur-containing mineral salts. They are powerful and inexpensive, and they are responsible for the foaming lather you have come to associate with “clean.” The most common are Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. EWG says that sulfates are irritants that may be potentially contaminated with harmful impurities like 1,4 dioxane during manufacturing. There is much literature available on the risks, and time will tell how things shake out with these substances. To be on the safe side, we’ve asked the smartest guy we know – Dan, our resident genius – to make our formulas without it. Offering sulfate-free products is a pretty big deal. They’re definitely more expensive to produce, but we needed to provide alternatives for our customers who demand sulfate-free cleaners. We committed ourselves to doing this for them, and we are all in!

Are Rebel Green products vegan?


Are Rebel Green products tested on animals?

Never! We pride ourselves on making cruelty free products, as certified by the Leaping Bunny program.

How are Rebel Green products packaged?

How we live, what we buy and what we throw away has ripple effects on the world around us. Therefore, Rebel Green is dedicated to wrapping healthy and responsible options in minimal, eco-chic packaging you just can’t wait to put in your home. Our product containers are recyclable, so they could end up as toothbrushes or park benches. That’s way cool!

Why does Rebel Green use essential oils?

We love it when our clothes and our homes smell amazing, but synthetic fragrances can cause all sorts of irritations. Rebel Green just smells great - naturally! We also offer a few products in unscented variations. None of our products contain synthetic dyes.

I have allergies. Can I use Rebel Green products?

We could just say yes, but we care more about your health and safety than making a sale. We love and respect our customers, so if you tell us that you have allergies or might be allergic to an ingredient in our products, we’ll just tell you not to use it. One Rebel Green co-founder knows firsthand how dangerous allergies can be, as one of her kids has severe food allergies. We clearly list all ingredients on our packaging, but our product is packaged in the same facility as many others, and cross-contamination is always possible. Exercise caution; never use any product – whether it’s a cookie or an adorably packaged and highly effective cleaning product – if you are concerned about a reaction.

I saw an offer for free products, coupons and samples on one of those Free Offer websites. Do you honor those?

We wish we could but many of these websites are simply scams or unauthorized email marketers. We cannot honor those solicitations as they really didn’t come from us. Please feel free to email us directly if you would like some coupons toward in store purchases.

The company.

Who owns Rebel Green?

Rebel Green is a family-owned company based in Mequon, Wisconsin (north of Milwaukee).

What is the Rebel Green company mission?

Rebel Green is dedicated to providing highly effective, natural cleaning products that come at a better value, are safer for the modern household than traditional cleaning products and detergents, and have a chic, edgy and rebellious flair.

Where did the name "Rebel Green" come from?

When we decided on a name in 2007, some of the most wonderful and highest quality natural products didn’t look as appealing on the grocery store shelves as the chemically laden food and cleaners. Why? That made no sense. We wanted to disrupt the natural cleaning aisle with packaging, ingredients and pricing that would attract an everyday shopper’s attention to our blissfully cool, natural world. Conventional thought was to market natural products to only traditionally natural customers. We said, “Not anymore!” Everyone should make the switch to natural cleaning, but the rebellion had to start somewhere, thus Rebel Green!

When was Rebel Green launched?

Rebel Green began in April 2009 with the launch of its Fruit & Veggie Clean produce wash.

What social causes does Rebel Green support?

Our vision to be socially and environmentally responsible extends worldwide, as a percentage of our sales go directly to clean air, clean water and clean food initiatives.Learn more >>

What certifications does Rebel Green have?

USDA Organic –The following Rebel Green products are USDA-certified organic: Fresh Laundry Detergent, Good Sport Wash, Delicates Wash and Gentle Baby Detergent.

Made in the USA –All Rebel Green products are manufactured in the USA. The only exception is our Tree Free paper products, which are made of bamboo, a product that isn’t commonly grown in the U.S.

Cruelty Free –All Rebel Green products are certified cruelty free (never tested on animals) by the Leaping Bunny program.

SBA WOSB –Rebel Green is a Woman Owned Small Business.

WBENC –Rebel Green is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise.

Click herefor a complete list of our certifications.

Can I follow Rebel Green on social media?

Wholesale & distribution.

How do I become a Rebel Green retailer?

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Gift options.

Can I give Rebel Green as a gift?

Yes! When checking out from the Rebel Green Shop online, select the appropriate boxes to add a personal gift message (free) and/or eco-friendly gift wrapping. Please contact our other online retailers about their gift-giving options.

What Rebel Green products make the best gifts?

All of them do! Learn some of our favorite gift ideas for that eco-conscious someone.


Do you ship internationally?

We will ship orders internationally at a special calculated rate, but we don’t have the ability to process online orders this way yet. To place an international order, please call 262-240-9992, or email

What auto-ship subscription services do you offer?

Select Rebel Green products are available at a discounted rate when you place an order for a one-year supply. Once you sign up, we ship you a new bottle/package automatically each month. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

How do I return an item purchased from the Rebel Green Shop?

For return inquiries, please email If you need to return a damaged product that came from an online retailer, please contact them directly so they can help you out with a replacement or a refund.