In honor of Earth Day, let's get planting with SE Wisconsin-based Rebel Green, Costco Wholesale and

In honor of Earth Day, let's get planting with SE Wisconsin-based Rebel Green, Costco Wholesale and

Help break the cycle of hunger and poverty, and protect the planet. With your purchase of Rebel Green Organic Certified Laundry Detergent at Costco Wholesalers, Trees for the Future restores landscapes in developing communities.

Milwaukee, WI., April 20, 2023-- Rebel Green, a rapidly growing WI-based, Women Owned and B-Corp manufacturer of plant-powered household cleaners, is announcing just in time for Earth Day that together with retailers such as Costco Wholesale and in collaboration with Trees for the, we'll be purchasing close to 100,000 trees in 2023. Every purchase you make of our USDA Certified Organic Fresh Laundry Detergent in Lavender & Grapefruit at Costco Wholesale Chicago, IL , Madison, WI Warehouses and in select Northern and Southern CA Warehouses goes toward our goal. Tree's For The Future's mission is to end poverty by training farmers to regenerate their land. Trees For The Future trains communities on sustainable land use so that they can grow vibrant economies, thriving food systems, and a healthier planet.

Rebel Green provides phenomenal value for the Costco customer with our award-winning plant powered cleaners kissed with essential oils. Sulfate-free,free of synthetic fragrance, allergen-friendly and sustainably sourced. Satisfying even the truest green consumers, Rebel Green's family of products offers the perfect solution for keeping your home spic and span this spring, without the use of harsh conventional chemicals and strong odors.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Costco Wholesale and on our Earth Day Campaign featuring our USDA Organic Certified Fresh Laundry Detergent in our biggest size yet, 200 oz,” said Ali Florsheim, Co-founder, and CEO of Rebel Green. “We aim to be an accessible, better-for-you brand and are thrilled that our expansive growth has enabled us to generate the economies of scale needed to offer our organic laundry detergent at a great value to Costco customers and at the same time partner with our retailers and customers to give back to people and the planet.”

Launched by Ali Florsheim and Melina Marcus in 2009, Rebel Green quickly established a foothold in the better-for-you household cleaning sector with its incredibly simple, yet uniquely powerful plant powered cleaners. Inspired to build a business after their seven children among them developed allergies and skin sensitivities, Ali and Melina focused on creating a line of products that not only were more gentle for their families but also were better for the planet.

Rebel Green is sold in over 7,000 retail locations across North America, and an expanding number of countries abroad. Rebel Green's family of products are sold in the United States, internationally, and in a rapidly growing number of natural/specialty food stores, club stores, conventional grocery chains and on several online retail channels as well.

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