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Your New Fall Cleaning Checklist

Our fave plant based cleaning necessities + streamlined tips. Prep your home before the weather changes for a worry-free Autumn.

Fireplaces, soft sweaters, blankets and warm drinks. Fall is the official start of the cozy season.

From the autumnal scent pairings in our essential oils to our Safer Choice Fruit and Veggie Clean for getting your apples squeaky clean (hello apple picking season!), these must-haves make Fall clean up instantly more fun!

Make sure you stock up on plant powered cleaners in our warm, spicy and Fall floral citrus essential oil blends custom designed for the season, like Bergamot Citrus, Chai Tea or Rose Lemon. We’ve done the homework for you so when you reach for Autumn inspired fragrances you can be sure you’re skipping synthetic fragrances, sulfates and other harsh chemicals for worry-free cleaning.

Here’s a quick cleaning checklist so you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy the cozy season:

1. Bedroom

  • Vacuum under and behind all bedroom furniture (don’t forget the bed!).
  • Wash or freshen winter bedding
  • Wipe down all shelves
  • Vacuum and flip mattresses
  • Clean carpets and rugs and window blinds


3. Living Room

  • Vacuum and spritz all upholstered furniture including cushions on couches and chairs
  • Clean remotes and electronic devices and the keyboard the family computer
  • Dust baseboards, tops of furniture, books, pictures and decor
  • Clean walls and remove hand prints
  • Clean wood floors, rugs and carpet

4. Kitchen

  • Make doing the dishes after dinner into a fall experience. Put a few drops of Super Deluxe Dish Soap in Chai Latte or our Bergamot Citrus scent in a sink and fill with hot water. The hot essential oils in our Super Deluxe Dish Soap will leave you with scented bubbles so you will have a kitchen that smells like a trip to the spa for your after dinner clean up.
  • Clean the oven and vent hood
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Dust and clean the refrigerator coils.
  • Wipe down and under small appliances.

Finishing Touches

Properly Clean and Store Summer Clothes

The new season is a perfect time to clean out your closet, prep your summer clothes and put them away for the season. Empty each closet and make sure you gently clean those sundresses, shorts and bathing suits before storing them to keep those pests at bay that might ruin your clothes. Make sure you vacuum and dust. This is a good time to put together a pile or two for donation. You’ll have less clothing you need to find places for.

Sweater Weather
If any of your sweaters and knits from last Fall need a refresh, just a spritz of our Refreshing Room and Linen Spray will do the trick. Also great for those in between times for those cashmere and wool sweaters you wear on repeat before you wash them. You’ll want to keep plenty of Delicates Wash on hand which is hard working but gentle enough to help preserve the natural oils of those delicate fibers and keep them soft. Wash in cold water. Gently press the water out and lay flat.

Streamline Your Morning by Setting Up the Night Before

  • When you wake up in the morning and it’s still dark outside, it just seems like it’s harder to get the family out the door. Try streamlining your morning routine.
  • Set a timer to see how much time you’re spending to do things to get you ready in the morning.and spend that time before you go to bed,
  • Check your calendar for the next day to see what you need to have ready for yourself or the kids for the next day. Pack those backpacks and work bags the night before.
  • Setting up stations in advance can cut down on the stress of getting everyone out the door.
  • Breakfast: get all the ingredients you need for the week and pick two or three to rotate around.
  • Set up a lunch station complete with reusable lunch bags, eco friendly snack bags, in-season produce like apples, pears and pre-cut up veggies. Don’t forget to clean your produce first so it’s ready to go with our Safer Choice Fruit and Veggie Clean. You can also make lunches before you clean up from dinner so you only have one clean up. Keep those lunch bags fresh and clean, all you need is Super Deluxe Dish Soap and some hot water.

Now that you’ve got your house in order and recouped a little time in the morning you can get outside and enjoy the rest of early Fall.

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