child boy at desk with mask virtual learning

Your New Back to School (Virtual or Not) Supply List

child boy at desk with mask virtual learning

It’s hard to believe that Summer is winding down and school is starting up again. Many schools are completely online while some are doing a hybrid lesson plan with online and in-person classes and others are sending kids back into the classroom full time. We put together a short list of items you’ll want to add to your school supply list, no matter where your little ones are learning!

✔️Fruit and Veggie Clean

✔️Hand Sanitizer (unscented or scented with essential oils!)

✔️Fresh and Clean Hand Soap

✔️Face Masks (wash them with our USDA-Organic Laundry Detergent – it’s gentle enough for a mask and safe for the delicate skin on your face for all day wear)

rebel green hand sanitizer

Teach Your Kids How to Use Hand Sanitizer to Reduce Sharing

Board-certified Pediatrician Dr. Candice W. Jones tells CNN that the goal is to cut down on sharing items in the classroom as much as possible. “Kids should have a 60% or higher alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills most types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. I recommend everyone having their own, not just to avoid hand-washing in communal bathrooms, but also for other situations like on the bus. And it’s important to practice using these items with your child before sending them off to school.” (CNN)

Even if your child’s school is online, you’ll want to keep the hand sanitizer close by for those times when you leave your house. Have your child practice using it the right way with you supervising.

mom and child putting on mask

Have a Steady Supply of Masks Ready to Go

Experts recommend students should have at least one or two spare face masks with them daily in case their masks should break or get dirty. You’ll want your children to practice wearing face masks now, before they head off to school. Michael LaSusa, superintendent of schools in Chatham, New Jersey tells CNN, “Parents should gradually build up face covering ‘endurance’ in their children by having them wear a face covering for longer and longer periods of time,” he says. “If a child spends zero time during the day right now in a face covering, then that child will have a tough time spending four hours wearing one when September rolls around. We need to build up this endurance gradually.”

You’ll want to use a gentle laundry detergent such as Rebel Green USDA Certified Organic Laundry Detergent or Gentle Baby Detergent to clean those masks. What you wash your laundry with sits next to your skin all day long!

Keep Your Home Safe by Having a Back-From-School Clean Up Routine

“When children return from school they should immediately sanitize their hands,” advises Pediatrician Dr. Candice W. Jones. “Once at home, at the very least they should remove clothes/shoes and place them in the laundry or in a designated safe place for disinfecting. A shower would be great, but is not absolutely necessary.”

Hand-washing is of the utmost importance these days, and it’s the first thing students should do when they get home from school. Rebel Green’s Fresh and Clean Hand Soap is never drying and is without harsh chemicals, sulfates and is free of synthetic perfumes.

rebel green veggie fruit clean

Teach Kids The Importance of Washing Fruits and Veggies

Teach your kids the importance of washing their produce well. You can now find Rebel Green’s 8 oz Fruit and Veggie Clean in a new smaller size bottle that makes it easier for kids to use. Available nationwide at all Whole Foods Markets or find our Fruit and Veggie Clean 17 oz Spray and refill at or

There’s no doubt that this school year will be different than any other before but with the right precautions and preparations, we will make it through this together! How are you prepping for back-to-school?

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