Person cleaning the floor


Person cleaning the floor

Wait, What? Believe it or not, it is possible to actually enjoy your own holiday party. We’ve got the inside scoop on how to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family with more of the fun and less of the stress.

The holiday countdown is here but it’s no secret when the entertaining falls on your shoulders, all the food and house prep etc. etc. leading up to the gathering can be super stressful. Add in the thought of cleaning up piled up dishes, platters, crumbs, spills after all those guests leave…deep breath! You wonder how you’ll ever be able to relax and enjoy your own party.

What’s the secret you ask? Keep it simple: create a bite sized menu, serve one stylish cocktail or mocktail and add in the aromatherapeutic benefits of Rebel Green’s truly green and effective cleaners that are better for your family and the planet.

Mom and daughter in kitchen

Don’t save the prep and cleaning for day of – spread it out with this easy to follow “Five days of holiday prep” countdown till your holiday party” leading up to the day of!

  1. Five days before the party – vacuum and dust non-high traffic areas, give your windows some sparkle and shine with our Sparkling Glass Cleaner harnessing the power of plants and kissed with essential oils. Take out the table linens you want to use, and after they’re cleaned (naturally use Rebel Green USDA Certified Laundry Detergent) and pressed, give them a few poufs of our Fresh Linen Spray and hang to air out. Next, you may want to start setting your table so you can stage the holiday decor you haven’t seen since 2018! Take out your glasses and crystal and hand wash them until they sparkle with our plant powered Super Deluxe Dish Soap.
  2. Four days before the party – turn your attention to your kitchen and you’ll want to clean out and organize your refrigerator. This is a good time to turn any leftovers into meals for your prep week so you’ll have plenty of room for platters of holiday fixings. It’s a terrific way to cut down on food waste. Now that you have an emptied fridge get it “company ready” by wiping it down with Rebel Green’s All Purpose Cleaner kissed with essential oils. You’ll want to also replenish your Fresh and Clean Hand Soap, Deluxe Dish Soap and Luxe Hand Cream out on your kitchen counter. When you choose Rebel Green you can rest assured our products are free from sulfates and synthetic fragrances. You’ll love any and all of our unique scents: lavender grapefruit, peppermint lemon, pink lilac or our holiday scent of frankincense and pine. Check out this great guide to essential oils on how to choose one to match your mood. Don’t forget to stock up on Tree Free Paper towels made from bamboo. You are helping to save trees and cut your carbon footprint all by changing your roll.
  3. Three days before the party – wash bed linens for your overnight guests with our USDA Certified Organic Fresh Laundry Detergent . For even softer bedding add in our Fabric Softener and press with an iron.
  4. Two days before the party – get your guest bathroom ready with Super Soft tree free toilet paper made from bamboo. Share with your guests what you’re doing with their help to help save the environment by making the switch to this carbon neutral tree free line. They may be shocked to learn that 27,000 trees are cut down daily for toilet paper and 57,000 trees a day cut down for paper towels. (watch Sarah’s Story with your family to see the incredible people your purchase is helping).
  5. Your guests will appreciate it when you spoil them with rich and emollient Fresh Hand Soap and Lux Hand Cream. This time of year we love our holiday scent of Frankincense and pine or peppermint lemon.
  6. One day before the party – spoil you by choosing to clean the bathrooms with all plant based products kissed with essential oils. All you need is All-Purpose Spray, Sparkling Glass Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner with essential oils of Chamomile and Orange Blossom and treat your tub to the same green clean with our Tub and Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Don’t forget to leave a bottle of the lavender or peppermint lemon room spray in your powder room. Your guests will appreciate it.
  7. Day of – quick vacuum around the home in all high traffic areas and spray the before mentioned Rebel Green Room Spray for a nice hint fresh scents powered by essential oils
  8. With all the food prep you’ll want to pick up our fruit and veggie clean to help remove those waxes, pesticides, dirt and hand oils from your produce. A great hack to get the garlic and lemon odors off your hands, use the lemon peppermint hand soap.
  9. We love an alternative to plastic storage bags. Stock up on Stashers for your party leftovers – they’re great eco-friendly reusable storage bags that you can zip lock and wash, when needed.
  10. Place small garbage cans in strategic party areas like by the bar and buffet table to make trash clean up a breeze. Pro Tip: Mark them for recycle and garbage for easy sorting.
  11. Last but not least, don’t forget a few sprays of your Rebel Green Peppermint and lemon room spray right into the garbage cans for just a hint of peppermint and deodorizing lemon without having to use any of those harmful chemicals found in conventional disinfectant.

You’ve got this! What are some of your favorite tips to enjoy your own holiday party?

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