Holiday Gift Package

Top Seven Hacks to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Hosting

No need to fret about the mess when you know the right tips and tricks. Have peace of mind knowing you’re taking care of the earth and your family

Holiday Gift Package

We’re planning on going all in this year on our long awaited reunions with our family and friends. Everyone has big plans to make lots of great food, instagram worthy vegetarian charcuterie platters and festive lavender cocktails. But if hosting falls on you this year, the stress of holiday prep and cleanup may leave you frazzled and stressed out. From sky high piles of dirty dishes, to linens and furniture with spills and spots, you know you’ll be left cleaning up long after your guests leave.

Here are seven hosting hacks to make your celebrations at home less of a chore – all using plant powered products and beneficial essential oils. These hacks naturally cut down on waste and will leave you with more time for self care. Who knows, you might even volunteer to host again next year!

The first step in prepping your house for the holidays is having the right products. We have all your favorite plant based cleaning essentials infused with our custom blended calming lavender and grapefruit essential oils.

Shop our Holiday Household Haul featuring our NEW Foaming Hand Soap with the aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender.

This package includes 1 of each:

  • 16 oz Super Deluxe Dish Soap – Pink Lilac Scent
  • 16.9 oz Fresh and Clean Hand Soap – Holiday Frankincense and Pine Scent
  • 16 oz Amazing All Purpose Cleaner – Chamomile and Orange Blossom Scent
  • NEW 12 oz Fabulously Foaming Hand Soap – Lavender and Grapefruit Scent
  • 8oz Fruit and Veggie Cleaner Spray
  • 6 Rolls of Carbon Neutral Tree Free Toilet Paper – Made from Sustainable Bamboo

Hack 1: Delegate cleanup jobs ahead of time

Delegate cleanup jobs ahead of time so everyone knows what they’re responsible for: one person can be assigned to washing all the produce in advance with Fruit and Veggie Clean, another with taking out the garbage while cooking and after guests leave. Assign another pots, pans and platter cleanup duty. This is a great time to put out your new Rebel Green Fabulously Foaming Hand Soap with relaxing inducing essential oils of lavender and grapefruit for guests to wash up.

Hack 2: Create your holiday menu with cleanup in mind

To cut down on cleanup, look for recipes you can throw together on a sheet pan or in one pot. Prep dishes ahead of time in stylish ceramic bakeware that can be used as part of the table decor. Ask your guests to bring side dishes, appetizers and desserts.

Pro tip: Vacuum out the crumbs from your fridge before and then use All Purpose Cleaner to clean those drawers and shelves.

Hack 3: Put together an emergency spill and stain remover kit

Stains are bound to happen on table linens, furniture and clothing. Fill up a bucket with all the cleaning essentials to make them easy to grab and to take quickly to where the spill happens. Items you might want to include: club soda, white vinegar, Rebel Green Super Deluxe Dish Soap, baking soda, and plenty of clean reusable, white cloths for blotting up spots.

Hack 4: Choose linens, placemats, runners and napkins you can machine wash.

Once the table is cleared, you can literally strip the table and toss everything into the washer with Rebel Green Delicates Wash. Rugs that are machine washable can protect floors from spills and tracked-in dirt. Also, consider covering furniture in pretty slipcovers that you can wash after guests leave.

Hack 5: Clear the table like the pros

Take a page out of how restaurants quickly bus a table. Cut down on the back and forth trips to clear the table of dishes and use a large tub. We love this plastic-free bus tub on Amazon or reuse any big container you already have to quickly whisk away dirty dishes. Soak them with our custom-blended essential oil formula of Rebel Green Super Deluxe Dish Soap. Essential oils like peppermint and lemon will greet you when it’s time to tackle them. Soaking will help remove oil, grease, and caked-on food particles more quickly and you’ll use less water and soap that way. Reduce your carbon footprint by stocking your kitchen and bathroom with tree free carbon neutral paper towels and toilet paper made from bamboo.

Hack 6: Save the planet while you clean

Instead of the usual synthetic sponge, choose one that’s plastic free and biodegradable. Some good options include wood dish scrubbers, dish brushes, cloths and loofahs when washing dishes.

Hack 7: Decorate with waste reduction in mind

We love this new eco wrapping paper trend! Furoshiki wraps are the sustainable gift wrapping trend popping up everywhere. Save trees, reduce waste and keep mess to a minimum with gorgeous Japanese fabric wrapping paper.

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