rebel green laundry products

Skin Sensitivities Acting Up? Try Greening Your Laundry Routine

rebel green laundry products

If you find yourself suddenly itchy after putting on freshly laundered clothing, you might want to check the label of your favorite laundry detergent. It may not be as clean as you think. We all rely on it to get our whites brighter and keep our colors vibrant. It just takes one stubborn stain to ruin your favorite blouse. In order to get the job done, detergents may be made with dyes, perfumes and other chemicals which can aggravate skin and pollute our waterways. Detergent doesn’t completely wash out of clothes and can sit on your skin all day long. So it’s not uncommon to have an allergy or sensitivity to laundry detergent. It can trigger adverse skin reactions and conditions like dermatitis. That’s especially true for those with a history of eczema and skin allergies.

As moms we are troubled by the ingredients found in everyday detergents and other cleaning products. When it comes to laundry there is a growing concern due to higher concentrations of harsh chemicals they contain and the potential health issues those ingredients might cause. Chemicals like phosphates, synthetics, petrochemicals and dyes which can aggravate skin according to the experts. Sodium lauryl sulfate (or SLS) is a chemical that affects the skin’s oil layer and can cause skin to dry out. Fragrances, which are not necessary for cleaning clothing and textiles, can often cause allergic reactions.

At Rebel Green, we think it’s important to use wellness inspired ingredients. Instead of relying on synthetic ingredients to wash away dirt and odors, our formula uses the power of plants which are just as effective in getting your clothes really clean. Formulated with plant-based goodness and scented with essential oils, no fake perfumes, our USDA-Certified Organic laundry detergents and Gentle Baby Detergent are biodegradable and free of synthetic fragrances, phosphates, phthalates, parabens or dyes. It’s the natural and safer way to clean the clothes you love without sacrificing an ounce of the performance you deserve!

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Our Delicates Wash is a healthier alternative for your fine and delicate fabrics. Natural and biodegradable Good Sport Wash is designed for high tech performance gear like running shorts and soccer clothes. For wrinkle-free clothes with a hint of your favorite scent, try our plant-powered fabric softener. For a whiff of your favorite scent on your linens and towels (or a little extra dose on your clothes instead of synthetic perfume) you’ll love our Fresh Linen Spray. A delightful spray with plant-derived ingredients and pure natural essential oils.

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