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Rebel Green Becomes A Certified B Corp

Rebel Green is a Certified Women Owned brand of green household cleaning products, USDA Certified Laundry Detergents and the first and only Carbon Neutral, Tree Free Line of Bamboo Toilet Paper and Paper Towels. Established in 2008, the Mequon, Wisconsin based company remains a Family Owned Business distributing products to natural food stores, supermarkets, specialty markets, and online retailers across the United States. They create effective products that are better for your family, better for the planet and are competitively priced to encourage people to make the switch. Their products are free from synthetic fragrances, sulfates and other harsh chemicals found in conventional household cleaners. They believe in educating customers through the certifications they choose. USDA Certified Organic encourages customers to support organic farmers who’s farming methods are better for people and the planet. By featuring the Women Owned logo on labels, they hope to strengthen the roles of women in the economy. Their local vision extends worldwide as a percentage of sales go directly to clean air, clean water and clean food initiatives that are aimed at empowering women, children and families. They are focused on minimizing the impacts of their business operations on the natural world.

View Rebel Green on the B Corp page here: https://bcorporation.net/directory/rebel-green

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