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How To Spring Clean Your House In One Day

Here’s the formula (plant powered of course) for your one day spring cleaning routine

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It’s that time of that year again… Spring cleaning! If that sounds daunting, don’t worry, we’ve created a guide to completing it in just one day! Yes, we know it’s ambitious. But it’s possible. So, if you want to take it a little slower, or you haven’t scrubbed those blinds or refrigerator shelves in awhile, no worries, simply divide up the program and make it a two day project. Make it a family day and reward yourself afterwards.

We’ve always enjoyed Spring cleaning. For me, it’s therapeutic. Surprising? We did start a cleaning company, after all. But we recognize that isn’t everyone so we purposely designed our plant powered cleaners with purpose to not only make the experience safer for you, your families, and the planet, but also to make it happier! We formulated all our products with plant powered ingredients, making sure they were dermatologist approved without all the allergens found in conventional cleaners. Our carefully curated essential oil blends are intentionally blended to enhance our mood: boost our spirits or to relax and chill us out.

If you’ve been procrastinating the seasonal deep clean, the Spring Clean One and Done may be just what you need.

On your mark, get set, go clean!

Step 1: Prep your home before your day begins

Start with an empty dishwasher and sink, empty the laundry machine and dryer. Declutter in advance as well.

Step 2: Gather your supplies in an eco-friendly bucket

Get all the supplies you’ll need together and place them in your cleaning caddy to save yourself time from searching for what you need. For our cleaning caddy, we like to use an upcycled, old plastic container or a steel bucket.

Here’s what’s in our bucket:

Step 3: Start at the top and work your way to the bottom

Clean from top to bottom. You don’t want dust falling on your freshly cleaned surfaces. We like to start on the top floor if you have a two story house and work your way down to the bottom.

person dusting bathroom lights and mirror

Step 4: Rest and Reward

Take a healthy lunch break. A great time to pause for lunch is between floors. And don’t forget to reward yourself!

Chill a bottle of wine, have your favorite snack or dessert waiting, get the ingredients ready to make yourself a chai tea latte so you’ll have something to look forward to when you’re done. A freshly baked treat to go along with that warm or iced chai is a great motivator.

Speaking of Chai Tea, we’re introducing our new scent of dish and hand soaps: you guessed it, Chai Tea! We’re offering you 20% off for the month of April on our Fresh and Clean Hand Soap and Super Deluxe Dish Soap in our new scent.

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fresh & clean hand soap next to coffee and a candle

Step 5: Give special attention to often overlooked areas

You know what to do for your general cleaning but when you want to go for that deeper clean – you’ll want to take a look at the areas you might normally ignore during your regular cleaning.

Dust skipped over objects like ceiling fans, light fixtures, picture frames, lamp shades and art. Use that cloth diaper insert instead of a microfiber cloth to grab that dust before it falls.

Clean your book shelves by taking out the books and dusting thoroughly if it’s been awhile since you cleaned those shelves.

For ceilings where cobwebs develop and window blinds, the long handled duster works wonders.

Put blankets, throw rugs, and pillows in the washing machine, you can switch them to the dryer throughout the day while you clean.

Step 6: Deep clean the kitchen

In the kitchen, move everything off your counter tops. Make a bubbly bath with our Super Deluxe Dish Soap and hot water and wipe down every surface. Scrub the grills and stove top, too. Get those appliances and sink fixtures shiny with our Super Deluxe Glass Cleaner.

Turn your attention to under the kitchen sink. Wipe down residue from cleaning products with All Purpose Cleaner and throw away empties.

Don’t forget to clean your trash cans. Use our Super Deluxe Dish Soap with hot water to give them a nice refresh. Grime and grease can gather under and behind kitchen appliances to tackle that with the All Purpose Cleaner.

Wipe down the kitchen table and the chairs from top to bottom.

Clean the window panes with Sparkling Glass Cleaner, vacuum up the leaves and dust and don’t forget to wipe down the frames with All Purpose Cleaner.

To clean your oven, start by soaking your stove grates and oven racks in hot water with a degreasing Super Deluxe Dish Soap for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

If your fridge just needs a light cleaning, wipe it down and throw away any expired food. Otherwise, save the deep cleaning (like soaking drawers and shelves) for another day.

Spray door frames, trims, and baseboards with All Purpose Cleaner and wipe down.

Step 7: Tackle the bathrooms

Many hands make light work so split your bathrooms with your family. Don’t worry – our cleaners make the job quick and easy! Squirt Tub and Tile Cleaner in your shower and tub, let soak for a minute and wipe down. Also do the same for your toilet with the Neat and Tidy Toilet Bowl Cleaner. While they soak, wipe down your medicine cabinets and discard any expired products.

Step 8: Enjoy your clean home!

Take a step back and admire your sparkling environment and feel proud of yourself that you did it in a way that was friendly to your family and to the environment.

mom and son playing on a couch
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