New Tree Free Paper Products!

New Tree Free Paper Products!

Go Completely Carbon Neutral with our new Tree Free Paper Products!

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Rebel Green’s Tree-free Paper Towels

Our new bamboo-based Tree Free paper products line are just as soft as conventional paper products but will create zero net carbon emissions! We will completely offset the carbon generated from making, shipping and disposing of these bamboo products, by partnering with The Paradigm Project, a social enterprise focused on combating poverty and global warming, to fund clean cook stoves for poor women and their families in rural Kenya. The use of clean cook stoves by these families will result in reductions in carbon emissions that will completely offset the carbon footprint of our bamboo paper products.

Inhaling smoke from the basic act of cooking kills nearly 4.2 million people each year; most of those victims are women and children who contract asthma, lung disease, pneumonia and other life-threating conditions. Using a clean cook stove can reduce smoke, toxic emissions and fuel consumption, making the cooking process substantially healthier and safer for families and the environment.

“By using bamboo instead of trees, we have created a product that puts the environment first, but still offers the quality and softness of traditional paper towels and toilet paper,” said Ali Florsheim, co-founder, Rebel Green. “We are dedicated to providing consumers with convenient, innovative and earth-friendly shopping choices that leave a positive impact on the planet.”

To see how our clean cook stove project is helping poor families and the environment, check out this video.

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