white stockings on wooden mantle fireplace

Five Ways to Prep Your Home For the Holidays During The Pandemic

Start now and give yourself the gift of a (plant powered) clean house by Thanksgiving

white stockings on wooden mantle fireplace

The colors are changing, the days are getting shorter and the air is turning cooler, fast! Even though our sense of time these days may feel like we’re actually living the movie “Groundhog Day”, the holidays are right around the corner. And while our holiday celebrations will be smaller this year, we can still make everything festive and special for our families.

Some of us have college kids returning home, or parents or grandparents who plan on coming to social distance with us on the patio, while others have young families with small kids and may be celebrating in a socially distanced way with their “bubble”.

So how can we get ready and keep the stress at bay? Consider starting early with a list of small projects you can do now that will do wonders to make your house look organized and sparkle. With so many chemical laden cleaners being used all around us to disinfect these days; we want you to have peace of mind that when it comes to cleaning your home, you can choose better for you, plant based cleaners, kissed with the essential oils of the season that are better for your families and the planet.

Prep Your Kitchen to Make Your Famous Holiday Goodies

The kitchen is the heart of the home, or at least in ours it is. Many of us will spend a lot of time baking treats and cooking for our families. Are you famous for your Pumpkin Pie, Christmas Cookies or Potato Latkes? Now is the time to go into your deep storage and bring out those giant cookie sheets and cookie cutters.

Get the process going early by purging drawers and deep cleaning appliances to get ready for the holidays. Try our Super Deluxe Dish Soap in Frankincense and Pine or Peppermint Lemon to get into the holiday spirit. Don’t forget to check that your most important appliances like your standing mixer and food processor are in good working order. Locate all attachments so you’re not frantically searching while knee deep in the middle of baking.

Expert tip: Stock up early on unusual ingredients that suddenly become popular during the holiday rush, like canned pumpkin, spices and sprinkles. Wipe down those baking cabinets and give them a fresh clean with All Purpose Spray in Peppermint Lemon before restocking. Stock up on Fruit and Veggie Clean to get those cranberries and other winter produce squeaky clean.

Dust Off and Gently Clean Grandma’s China and Crystal

We have all felt the heartbreak when we’ve dropped or chipped a precious family heirloom as we were rushing around to get things done at the last minute. Mom always told us to slow down! This year, take your fine china, crystal goblets and special flatware out early. Give them a sparkly shine with plant powered Super Deluxe Dish Soap kissed with essential oils of Frankincense and Pine. We wouldn’t want you to use anything harsh and abrasive and neither would Grandma.

Dress Up Your Bathroom and Stock Up On Essentials

Don’t forget to add festive touches to your bathroom. Make it a zen place to destress and get away by yourself for a few minutes. Rebel Green Fresh and Clean Hand Soap in holiday inspired scents like Frankincense and Pine or Peppermint Lemon will keep your hands clean, smooth and hydrated. For maximum pampering, add to the counter a bottle of Fresh Room Spray and Luxe Hand Cream in Peppermint Lemon.
Don’t forget to stock up on extra toilet paper and paper towels and put them out in a basket so they are easily spotted. We suggest our Tree Free, Carbon Neutral Paper Towels and Toilet Paper made from bamboo. Super soft and quilted, you won’t miss that conventional paper and think of all the trees you’ll be saving! Extra points for putting a single roll wrapped up like a Rebel Green present on the back of your toilet to remind your family they are cutting their carbon footprint.

Declutter Your Main Spaces

Declutter problem areas and get rid of things that take up valuable space. A decluttered room can give the illusion of being clean even when it’s not. Remove anything unnecessary from coffee tables, countertops and ottomans. Find a few things you can remove from your foyer, kitchen, living room, family room, and dining room. If it’s out of sight, keep it out of mind, for now.

What you will want to keep in sight is a couple bottles of hand sanitizer in your common areas to remind everyone to keep their hands clean. Try our Hand Sanitizer in Peppermint in a convenient 8 oz size. It’s great as a stocking stuffer too!

When you’re armed with a list of tasks, powerful plant-based cleaners, and a few weeks to prepare, prepping your home for the holidays can become part of the fun instead of a chore! Who’s with us!?

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