Fancy Food Show Natural Brands Giveaway!

Fancy Food Show Natural Brands Giveaway!

All throughout the year we get to go to wonderful events and trade shows. We’re serious foodies, so it’s no surprise one of our favorites is the Specialty Food Association’s “Summer Fancy Foods Show” in NYC at the Javits Center. We had a chance to explore some of the natural food and beverage brands exhibiting alongside us at the show, and we thought we’d share some of the great brands we discovered. What better way to tell the story of their products than through the words of the founders and companies themselves? Read on to learn how you can enter to win some of these great products in our Fancy Food Giveaway.

DRY Soda zero sugar Rebel Green Fancy Food Show DRY Soda sparkling Rebel Green Fancy Food Show

DRY Soda

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails & Organic Sodas

“Working with some of the Pacific Northwest’s leading chefs, I discovered how to use unique flavor notes to create sparkling beverages that are simple and unexpectedly palate pleasing. In 2005, I launched DRY Soda Company. We now have two lines of soda – lightly sweet, culinary-inspired DRY Sparkling sodas, and bold, fun DRY Zero Sugar sodas. I’m thrilled to have turned a personal passion into a product that so many other people are now able to enjoy. Cheers!”

Laughing Giraffe Organics Kick'n Mango dried fruit snack Rebel Green Fancy Food Show Laughing Giraffe Organics Kick'n Pineapple dried fruit snack Rebel Green Fancy Food Show

Laughing Giraffe Organics

Nutritional Snack Foods

“We entered the health food business out of a desire to learn about healthy eating and how it might improve our own well-being. Laughing Giraffe Organics is a family-owned business here to provide clean nutritional snack foods that actually taste great. In doing so, we use only the purest, unprocessed ingredients that are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and nutritionally dense. We offer snack foods that are satisfying and better for you, like Snakaroons and Kick’n Dried Fruits.”

Megpies tarts blueberry strawberry chocolate cinnamon brown sugar Rebel Green Fancy Food Show


Natural Artisan Tarts

“We make natural, artisan tarts with quality ingredients and a lot of heart. Megpies started off as a weekly bake sale on our Brooklyn Stoop and now you can find our delicious tarts nationwide.”

Kohana Coffee

Organic Coffee & Organic Cold Brew Concentrate, 100% Sourced from Women Farmers

“Named after the Kohana, the small flower whose elegant white petals unfold to herald the arrival of the coffee bean, the result is the world’s most pampered roast and the truest, most deliciously honest coffee it’s possible to savor. Grown organically. Roasted slowly. Brewed obsessively. You’ll taste adventure in every cup and fall in love with coffee all over again.” They tell us they are the world’s first brew from concentrate that’s 100% sourced from women farmers.


Natural Protein Bar for Kids

We believe that simplicity is a good thing. I only make products that I am happy to give to my own children to eat. When you give your child a Luckybar, you know that you are giving your child real protein without unnecessary ingredients.”


Noodles Made from Beans & Shirataki

“The Zeroodle product line is a delicious, satisfying, and healthy alternative to traditional pastas. Packed with protein and fiber, this pasta is versatile enough to use in all of your favorite recipes, with a flavor the whole family can enjoy.”

Parmela Creamery

Artisan Nutmilk Cheese

PHILOSOPHY: “Use of highest quality plant-based ingredients is assumed. Honor heritage of traditional cheese making while crafting a sustainable future. Support sustainable artisan food chain. Develop entire cheese experience, taste, touch, sight smell, to make plant based cheeses enjoyable for all. Supply vegan chefs with competitive advantage. Cheese should be designed to improve heart health.” We kept snacking on the samples of their grilled cheese sandwiches.


Sustainable Tuna

“Since 2004 we have been selecting only the finest quality, 100% sustainably caught seafood for all of our packaged products. We source our tuna exclusively from pole and troll catch fisheries, never using purse seine or long-line gear.”

Sweetwood Smokehouse

Natural Beef Jerky

“Made with 100% beef and all-natural ingredients, the Bully is a high energy, protein packed snack for any athlete on-the-go.”

The Natural Brands Giveaway

Tell us about your favorite Rebel Green product for a chance to win some goods from one of the amazing brands listed above.


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