rebel freen fruit and veggie clean on produce with fresh strawberries

Chefs’ Secrets For Navigating the Farmers’ Market

Your guide to shopping for fresh produce like a pro!

rebel freen fruit and veggie clean on produce with fresh strawberries

Summer is at its peak which means these are the glory days for fruits and vegetables! Farmers’ markets and farm stands are packed with juicy tomatoes, freshly picked corn, sweet peaches and fresh berries and watermelon. There’s nothing like bringing home fresh-off-the-farm produce!

We all have those friends who cook and shop like chefs: they know exactly what ingredients to buy and how to pick produce just right at the farmers’ market. They also know exactly what they’re making with their purchases when they get home.

Another secret of those pro friends? They also make sure they have plenty of Fruit and Veggie Clean to help get that farm fresh produce clean from dirt, insects and other unwanted “ick”. Here are some more of their secrets to make our trip to the market more fruitful:

1. Head to the Market…Without a List!

We’re not saying to go without a plan but instead outline some meal ideas ahead of time based on what’s in season. Head to the market ready to try new foods that are in season (like unfamiliar fruits and vegetables) and get to know the people who grow your food. It’s as much about the experience as what you buy and bring home. Arrive early before everything gets picked over.

However, DO try to sketch out some meal ideas ahead of time, so you know which weekly staples and basic ingredients you need when you arrive so you don’t buy more than you need.

fresh veggies at the farmers market

2. Arrive Early

By getting to the market early, you’ll avoid the crowds and get the first dibs on produce. High-demand items like berries, corn, and fresh peas always go fast!

3. Budget for Special Purchases

Buy only what you think you’ll use within a week. Go with a friend and split bigger lots, like baskets of tomatoes, stone fruit or bunches of herbs. Budget for the staples, but save some cash for spontaneous purchases, like bouquets of flowers, artisanal cheeses and breads, baked goods, or a jar of honey or jam. One vendor at our farmers’ market sells elderberry syrup and juice which has become a new staple in our house!

4. Come prepared

Do some research before you go so you know what produce is in season and remember to be flexible, because not all farmers’ markets carry the same items. Many vendors only accept cash and make sure to bring your own reusable shopping bags. You’ll want to be able to carry home your purchases and growers don’t typically offer bags.

basket full of veggies at the farmers market

5. Build Relationships with Growers

These vendors eat, sleep, cook and breathe their fruits and vegetables so tap into their knowledge. Cultivate a relationship by visiting regularly and you’ll likely get invaluable buying, prep and recipe advice, details about upcoming seasonal harvests, and possibly some special deals. Some growers may even let you bargain for ugly produce.

We want to make sure you have enough Fruit and Veggie Clean to get all your Farmer’s Market produce squeaky clean so we’re offering 20% of our Fruit and Veggie Clean products and our Bamboo Scrub Brush for the rest of July 2021 with code: EATCLEAN20 at checkout.

Clean food just tastes better.

rebel green veggie clean spraying on fruit
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